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DiSEqC 1.2 FTA HH Satellite Dish Motor Model SG-6000

Dish Motor | Satellite Motor Mount for FTA & Ku Band Satellite | Satellite dish with motor

Want More Power & Better Performance??

Upgrade to the new SG9120 HH DiSEqC Motor

- Consumer Alert - We have noticed some knock-off SG6000 motors on the market.  These are very cheaply made motors that have high failure rates.  They are not manufactured by Sonset Digital and neither Sonset Digital or WS International can honor the warranty.   If it does not say Sonset on the box, it's not the original Sonset SG6000 motor.  It's a cheap knock off.  Return the motor and demand your money back.  Demand that the dealer from whom you have purchased the motor become an authorized Sonset Digital or WS International reseller.  We have spend count-less days perfecting the SG6000 DiSEqC motor.  This satellite motor is exclusively available from WS International in the North America.  Make sure to look for the Sonset Digital logo on the box.  If you feel you are a victim, please help other innocent consumers like yourself and help us stop the copying of original products by reporting it anonymously.  Click Here

Stable Mounting and Superior Design For Dishes As Large As 120cm (4ft)

Sonset SG6000 Satellite Dish Motor for Ku Band Antennas

SG-6000 Motor

FTA Satellite Dish Motor | Ku Band Actuator | FTA Motor

Information Request

Sonset SG6000

Buy More, Save More

Qty Price/pc
1-4 $69.99









Extra large mounting bracket makes this motor one of the most stable and wind resistant motor on the market.  The satellite dish motor can handle a dish as large as a 120cm | 1.2m. 


The SG6000 FTA Dish motor uses DiSEqC1.2 commands from y our DiSEqC1.2 satellite receiver to move it East or West.  The standard 42mm tube allows the motor to work with the most common and popular dishes on the market. 


Purchase the motor and receive this SF95-W for only $10.00 <<Add Now>>

Add This Antenna Tripod For Only


Click On Any Picture To Enlarge

Antenna Motor Tripod 76cm Winegard Dish and FTA Dish Motor | Antenna Tripod
3' satellite tripod.  Excellent choice for dish sizes up to 100cm 1mt dishes.  Great to install with the our line of DiSEqC1.2 satellite dish motors.  Excellent for RVers and Tailgaters.

Installation Tips & Help

  • Always install your motor based on your latitude to ensure precise & proper installation.  Use the latitude meter on a motor. 

Free To Air Motor Lattitude Meter | FTA Dish Motor Lat. Meter Marker

  • Always figure out your most southern satellite based on your longitude and use that satellite as a guide to the initial setup of your motor.

What is my Longitude and Latitude? | Find Your Logitude & Latitude Here

  • Use a SF95 signal meter to ensure your motor follows the satellite arc.

SF95 Satellite Finder | Satellite Meter Wholesale Satellite Distributor


  • Fits dishes up to 1.2m

  • Supplied with 42mm mounting tube to allow compatibility with the most popular type of dishes including the Winegard DS2076 dish antenna

  • Larger oversized mounting bracket helps with wind resistance

  • 1-year manufacturers warranty

  • DiSEqC 1.2 Compatible

  • USALS Compatible

  • Everything controlled via 1 coaxial cable

  • Ultra low noise

  • Goto X function

  • LED Power Indicator

  • East/West movement button on motor

  • Degree indicator on shaft

  • Mostly steel gears except for shaft gear

  • Pressure treated plastic

  • Hardware Reset button to to allow you to easily reset the motor with a quick touch of a button

We have a ton of satisfied customers who have purchased this motor.  Here is one of the testimonials.  For privacy reasons, the identity of the buyer is X'ed out:

  Feedback From Buyer Date / Time
Positive feedback rating Nice motor for free to air, all free sats programmed in motor. Fast Shipping
bayXXXXXX ( 219)
Jul-09-08 20:57
  SG6000 Satellite Dish Motor FTA Sat DiSEqC1.2 SG2100 (#3800402XXXXX)    

Most Stable Dish Motor On The Market...  Your Best Choice In HH Dish Mounts...

Parts that are included in y our SG6000 Motor

Parts Included In SG6000 | SG-6000 HH DiSEqC Motor Mount

Complete Satellite Dish Motor Assembly Satellite Dish Motor With Out Main Gear Housing

Satellite Dish Motor Main Housing & Gear Satellite Dish Motor DiSEqC1.2 Top View

DiSEqC HH Satellite Dish Motor | Motorize A Satellite Dish

SG-6000 - Most reliable positioner on the market today!

How to install satellite dish motor

Antenna Motor Installation Diagram

Satellite Antenna Tripod Dish Motor & LNB

76cm Winegard Dish and Motor

Winegard Dish LNB and Dish Motor

How To Install The Satellite Motor

Satellite Dish with Motor Installation Diagram

Do I need to install a separate power line to connect to the automatic HH dish motor mount?

No.  The motor gets powered by the receiver.  The receiver provides power to turn the LNB on and to switch polarity.  The motor consumes the same power through the coaxial cable that runs from the receiver to the LNBF.


How do I wire up the SG-6000 Dish Motor?

Simply run the coaxial cable to your satellite dish motor, then from the HH dish motor run a 3 or 4 foot coaxial cable to the LNBF. 


Dish Motor SG-6000 Wiring Diagram - Shows Installation Ports


Do I need to manually turn the dish every time I change channels?

No.  This is an automatic satellite dish motor.  Once it's installed properly and your receiver is programmed with the locations of the satellites, every time you change channels, the receiver sends DiSEqC commands to the satellite motor to tell it to move and stop at a certain location where the satellite signal is broadcasting from.


Where can I find out what channels are available free to air?

There are many free to air DVB channels available in North America on satellites such as Galaxy 10R, AMC4, IA5, AMC3, etc. There are channels from the USA and from around the world. See http://www.lyngsat.com/america.shtml for a complete listing of what is available. Anything with an  F  designation is FREE TO AIR.


How many receivers can control a FTA dish motor?

Since a dish motor is designed as a hobby item, only one FTA free to air receiver can control the positioning of the motor. However, if you use a dual LNB or a quad LNB you can install multiple receivers, but each receiver can only watch the programming broadcasted from that particular satellite.

Do I have to be watching the same thing on all receivers if I use a dual LNB or quad LNB?

No. You don't have to watch the same programming, but you do have to watch a channel that is broadcasting from that particular satellite that your motor is pointing to. Keep in mind that only your main USALS or DiSEqC1.2 compatible FTA satellite receiver can control the Free To Air dish motor.

Where Do I install an FTA DiSEqC Switch:

Typically, when you use a quad polar LNB like the Invacom QPH031 you want to use a 2X1 or 4X1 DiSEqC switch after the motor. Basically, here is a quick rundown:

  • Run RG6 cable from your receiver to HH motor.

  • Run RG6 cable from HH motor to "Receiver" port on DiSEqC switch.

  • Run RG6 from ports on DiSEqC switch to Linear and Circular ports on the LNB.

Where to install DiSEqC HH Dish Motor Mount:

When you want to install an HH Motor, do a thorough site survey to ensure the proper location to install. First, scratch off the roof unless you have a flat roof and you want to use a non-penetrating roof mount. The best place to install a Free To Air HH Motor is on the ground on a pole. Go to The Home Depot and get a 2" pole. Drive it into the ground about 2 1/2 and make sure to use a pole level to make sure that the pole is 100% level.

Make sure & purchase a SF95 satellite signal finder / meter because it will help you guide your motor to the true south azimuth location.  The meter will go off every time you get a satellite signal, so, when you keep on turning the motor, if the meter keeps going off, you know you have properly aligned the dish to the satellite arc.  If not, you may need to keep adjusting for the proper azimuth.  (Read the installation instruction guide)


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