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Omegasat DSB-5701 Satellite Receiver


DSB-5701 DSB5701 satellite receiver for Iranian Persian , Chinese , Arabic , Vietnamese channels and much more from Galaxy 19

Omegasat DSB5700 is no longer being manufactured.

Omegasat DSB5701 is the direct replacment to the DSB5700

 FTA Satellite Receiver with Blind Search & Component Video Output

Omegasat DSB5701 is the direct replacment for the older DSB5700 model


The Omegasat DSB5701 is a brand new model by Omegasat introduced in 2011.  This model replaces the DSB5700.  It has a powerful blind search, component video output & optimized for your big screen TV


Omegasat DSB5700 C & Ku Band FTA Satellite Receiver


Information Request

Omegasat DSB5701 FTA Receiver

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Adding a 2nd receiver?  Don't forget your dual LNBF


Adding a 3rd or 4th receiver?  Don't forget your 3X4 switch, Dual LNBF & Diplexers

Great for reception of Free To Air (FTA) channels from either a single or multiple Ku or C band satellite anywhere in the World.


Blind Search.  Be the first to find new and un-published channels.  Great for C and Ku reception.  Receiver comes pre-programmed with 60 satellites.  DiSEqC1.2 support for HH mounts and motors.


Receiver Includes:

     RCA Type Cables

     2pcs AAA Batteries

     User's Manual

     Remote Control

     1-Year Manufacturers Warranty



Only $63.50/pc for up to 4 Receivers.  Want even a lower price?  Purchase 5 to 9 pieces and pay only $61.70/pc!

Want to buy more?  You save even more!

Call or Email us.  Prices too low to publish!


Omegasat DSB5700 Free To Air - FTA Satellite System

Ku Band Linear LNB | LNBF

Information Request

Omegasat Complete System

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Qty Price/pc
1-4 $129.99
5-9 Contact Us
10-14 Contact Us
15-19 Contact Us
>19 Contact Us

Great for reception of Free To Air (FTA) channels on most Ku band satellite anywhere within North America.  Makes a great Galaxy 25 satellite system.


WS International WS9036 - 90cm / 36 inch offset satellite dish with universal or tripod type mount. 

Latest WS International LNBF - Universal wide-range Ku band LNB with super low noise figure of 0.4dB.  

Omegasat DSB5700 - Great for C and Ku reception.  Powerful blind search feature finds new, and changed transponder frequencies automatically. 


Want to install the system yourself?  Don't forget to buy an installation kit!  Get an installation kit for only $15 when buy the complete system!  Click Here to add it to your cart now.
Installation Kit
Get the DSF120+C Digital Satellite Finder to help you align your satellite dish for only $29.99Click Here to add it to your cart now.

2-Room DSB 5700 Ku Band Satellite System


Information Request




Omegasat DSB5701 2-room solution.  This system comes with our WS9036 90cm satellite dish, our top of the line Dual Ku band LNBF and 2pcs of the Omegasat DSB5700 satellite receivers along with two remote controls.  Install this system in your house and enjoy programming on two different TV sets that will work absolutely independently. 

The WS9036 satellite dish is the largest 90cm dish on the market.  It measures a full 90cm by 99cm for excellent signal quality.  Combine that with our 0.2dB Ku LNBF (included with this system) for the highest possible signal quality.

What's more is that the system includes the Omegasat DSB5700 satellite receiver.  The Omegasat DSB5701 is a brand new model by Omegasat introduced in 2011.  It has a powerful blind search, component video output for your big screen TV and is made in Korea.  Don't be fooled by receivers that are made in China, but are marketed as made in Taiwan.  This receiver is made of high quality components and is fully made in Korea for excellent workmanship and quality. 

  • Optimized Display

    *Optimized for Flat Panel Displays

    *Component Y/Pb/Pr Output, & S-Video Output

    *Enhanced circuitry to compensate for sub-standard staellite signals

    *Screen saver function for LED TV screen protection

  • Automatic transponder update (QTP Scan)

  • Blind Scan

  • Multi-Picture display

  • Picture In Graphics function supported

  • Digital audio bit stream output via S/PDIF (optical & coaxial)

  • Fully compliant to MPEG-2 and DVB standards

  • Enhanced ST20 32-bit VL-RISC CPU 200MHz

  • 8,000 programmable channels

  • 400 favorite channel list

  • 9 favorite lists

  • DiSEqC 1.0/1.1/1.2 & USALS compatible for controlling & motor installation

  • Closed caption supported

  • OSD teletext, subtitle & audio language selection for user preference. 

  • No AC3 audio

  • Multiple language on screen display

  • Various game

Technical Specifications

Demodulation Wave form QPSK
Symbol Rate 2~45Msps
Code Rate 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8
Video Encoder MPEG-2 MPEG2 MP@ML
Data Rate 15 Mbits/s
Video Standard NTSC
Aspect Ratio 4:3, 16:9
Processor & Resources Processor ALI STi 5119
SDRAM 16 Mbyte
Flash 2 Mbyte
EEPROM 64 Kbit
LNB Input Connector IEC 169-24, F type
Input Frequency 950 ~ 2150MHz
LNB Voltage 13/18V DC
Tone Switch 22KHz
Component Y, Pb, Pr OUT
12V Switch S/W Controlled 0/12V
Current 50 mA MAX
Optical NONE
Audio Output Connector 2X RCA L/R
Video Output Connector RCA
RF Modulator Connector IEC 169-24, F type
Output NTSC
Channel 3/4 Switchable
RS232 Port Connector D-SUB type
Speed 115,200 bps
Power Supply Type SMPS
Input Voltage AC100v - 240V ~ 25w 50/60Hz
Front Panel Buttons 7 (up,down,left,right,OK,menu,power)
Connectors Component
RF Modulator
Mechanical Dimensions 300x220x63 cm
  Weight 2 kg

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