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Note:  Most of the international channels including all the Arabic, Farsi, Vietnamese, Thai, Christian, Nigerian, Lao, Turkish, Persian, and Russian channels broadcast from the Galaxy 19 satellite located at 97 degrees west.  Since the satellites change names frequently, always choose the satellite that begins with 97W from the satellite list below.  Make sure to type either your full address or just your zip code below.  Under the map below, you will see your azimuth, elevation, and LNBF polarity (skew).  If you don't know what those terms mean, simply scroll down for a detailed explanation.  Keep in mind that these satellites are located over 20,000 miles above the earth, so it's extremely important that you accurately point your satellite dish. 



Azimuth is the turning of your satellite dish East and West or Left & Right.  This is the same as your compass reading.  Make sure when you look on your compass for the proper degree, that your compass is away from your satellite dish.  Remember, metal can throw off the reading on your compass so be very care full. 




Elevation is how high up the signal is coming from.  You can usually measure your elevation based on the degree markings on the back bracket of your satellite dish antenna.  Make sure you don't tighten the bolts too much to leave room for play in case you need to fine tune your antenna with your signal meter.  Once you fine tune to the highest possible signal, you can tighten the elevation bolts.  



Polarization / Skew

Skew or Polarity is how much you turn your LNBF.  Standing in front of the satellite dish, looking at the dish, if you have a positive Skew angle you want to turn your LNBF counter-clockwise.  If you have a negative skew angle, you  want to turn your LNBF clockwise.  Usually, in the East coast USA you have a positive skew and in West coast USA you have a negative skew.



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