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Geosat Pro DVR1100C FTA DVB-S PVR  Free To Air C & Ku Band Digital Satellite Receiver

DVR FTA Free To Air Satellite Receiver



USB Satellite Receiver

High-End Digital Satellite Receiver


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DVR Ready Free To Air Satellite Receiver


Record, Fast Forward, & Rewind Your Favorite TV or Radio Shows!


Upload Them to Your Computer & Make DVDs!

Digital Free To Air Satellite Receiver

DVR Geo Sat Pro 1100C

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GeosatPro DVR1100C


within continental USA 

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1-5 $149.99
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The GeosatPro DVR1100C  is a high end digital satellite receiver with USB for DVR / PVR function.  Excellent choice for use with SES1 or Galaxy 19 or any other C or Ku band satellite to receive Free To Air FTA channels



Excellent choice for the free Persian, Arabic, Thai, Vietnamese, Kurdish, Armenian, & Turkish stations on Galaxy 19 ( Galaxy 25 / Telstar 5 ).


If you want a good reliable satellite receiver that you won't have to replace once every year, or once every few months, then this is your choice!  Try the DVR1100C today!  This satellite receiver is FCC & RoHS certified.  Costs a little bit more, but you get more with it.  Excellent & crisp picture quality, powerful blind scan, and much more.... 


Receiver Includes:

      RCA Cables

      2pcs AAA Batteries

      User's Manual

      Remote Control

Excellent satellite receiver for all the following stations:

  • Iranian

  • Afghani

  • Arabic

  • Kurdish

  • Turkish

  • Thai

  • Vietnamese

  • Russian

  • Portuguese

  • Spanish

Back Panel of DVR Satellite Receiver | FTA Satellite Receiver


  • Signal Tone for Easy Signal Alignment.

  • Approved for Glorystar.

  • Single Transponder Scan.

  • Blind Scan.

  • Single Satellite Scan.

  • 22KHz switching.

  • DiSEqC Control:

    • DiSEqC1.0

    • DiSEqC1.1

    • DiSEqC1.2

  • Motor Control:

    • DiSEqC1.2

    • USALS

  • New Satellite Programmable.

  • Ch3/4 RF Modulator.

  • RCA Output.

  • Component Video Output.

  • S-Video Output.

  • SPDIF Output.

  • Loop Out to 2nd Receiver.

  • Close Captioning.

  • Parental Lock.

  • Installation Lock.

  • USB DVR.

  • Hard Disk Formatting.

  • Single Button Signal Verification.

  • EPG.

  • Mono (L/R) & Stereo Audio.

  • 600% Zoom

  • Timer Recording:

    • Once.

    • Daily.

    • Weekly.

  • Channel Sort:

    • Alphabetical.

    • FTA.

    • CAS.

  • Channel Recall.

  • Favorite List

A DVR Ready satellite receiver provides the ultimate convenience in viewing and recording options! Watch TV and listen to radio stations that way that you want.

DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder. Pause and replay live programming or record your favorite programs with perfect digital reproduction on the GEOSATpro DVR1100c with the attachment of an optional external USB 2.0 drive. No more puzzling over the VCR record menus, watching blurry pictures, and fumbling with bulky videotapes. Don't miss your favorite shows. Watch them at your convenience, whenever you want! View your favorite photos and listen to MP3 audio files through the DVR1100c multi-media center on your TV or connected stereo.

Connect an optional USB drive (see recommendations below) and get ready to replay and pause live or recorded programming or create instant replays with the Time Machine function. Save up to 500 hours on an USB 2.0 external 500GB drive. Record hundreds of hours of your favorite television and thousands of hours of radio programming for future viewing on your TV. Sharing or archiving recorded programs is simple with connection to your home computer. Watch recorded shows on the road with your laptop or share recorded programming files with any computer.

Want to share programs with friends to watch on their DVD player or listen on a MP3 or iPod? GEOSATpro is partnering with VideoReDo software to provide a solution for enjoying recorded satellite programming on a PC, burning DVDs, and ripping WAV audio files for playback on a MP3 or iPod player. Video ReDo offers software for editing recorded programming to eliminate commercials or even transferring home videos for playback with your DVR1100c. Just want to play recorded programs on a PC? Download the free player software Media Player Classic. Several software packages are also available for Mac to view, convert or rip DVDs. We have tested iSkySoftsoftware for Macs and have found them to work very well. (Please contact the software providers or your computer equipment provider for product support. We are unable to provide technical support for your computer or software).

Experience fast and reliable channel selection. Superb picture quality supported with component, composite, s-video, or RF modulator reproduces vivid picture clarity on any TV, projector or monitor. Clear, crisp, high fidelity audio is available through optical Dolby Digital, RCA and modulated outputs.

DSR_DVR Signal Meter

Easy Installation
Installations are easy with the intuitive on screen guide which directs you through the activation, set-up and aiming steps. An advanced signal meter automatically appears on screen with a graphical spectrum display indicating signal changes as the dish is adjusted and updated twice a second! No long wait times for the receiver to lock onto a signal. A convenient signal button on the remote control allows instant access to the signal meter at anytime. A signal beeper provides audible verification of satellite acquisition.


The DVR1100c has an exciting new feature that automatically updates the receiver with additional channels and adds new features as they become available via the satellite! This OTA option allows automatic updating of important firmware and new channels anytime new Television or Radio channels are added.

Subscription channels are accessed with the built-in card reader which is compatible with IRDETO and supports cardless BISS. Electronic Program Guide information is often available on select channels providing program information up to 7 days in advance. Easily locate your favorite shows for viewing and recording. Select the program that you wish to view or record and click on the title. The receiver will automatically tune the channel for viewing or recording to an attached USB 2.0 drive. Ten timers are also available to automatically tune or record TV or Radio shows one time or reoccurring daily or weekly series.
What USB 2.0 Drive Should I Purchase?


Verified USB 2.0 Drives (Maximum 500GB Supported) Many USB drives will work with the DVR1100c, but these specific models have been verified by our technicians.


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