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WS24 Multiple LNB Clamp | Bracket for Free To Air FTA Satellite Dish


LNB Bracket | 4-degree clamp lnb holder for 90cm dish


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WS International LNBF Bracket / Clamp WS24

LNB Clamp Bracket for FTA 90cm Dish

LNB's not included


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WS24 LNB Clamp

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Why install multiple satellite dishes when you can install a WS24 multiple LNB bracket?  Easy to install.  Works in conjunction with most existing dish clamps.  Easy to install.  Superior quality.  Very sturdy.  Light weight.  Minimum 4-degrees.  Great to use for Spiritcast Christian satellite system or to view Al-Karma and Aghapy with out needing to install a second satellite dish or motor. 


Don't forget to add your 4X1 WS4120 DiSEqC switch to your order.  Simply use the option from the drop-down menu below.



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4-degree LNB Bracket Holder LNB Holder for 4-degree satellite seperation Multiple LNB Bracket LNB Holder & 90cm Dish for FTA & Ku | Direct To Home Direct To Home Satellite Dish with Multi LNB Bracket Multi LNB Holder for Ku band 90cm Satellite Dish


multiple lnb holder multiple lnbf clamp for ku band offset satellite dish ku lnb holder muliple satellite lnbf clamp for ku band and free to air satellites lnb mono block



Specially designed for a minimum of 4-degree satellite separation and a maximum of 11 degrees.  Most popular use is with satellites within 4-degrees.  Includes 2 clamps and a guide rail.  Guide rail is specially designed to focus LNB on the "hot spot" of the dish.  Notice how the guide rail is slightly curved in the picture on the left. 



-No need to purchase special smaller size expensive LNB's.  This bracket will work with any Ku band LNB. 
-No need for a mono block.  This bracket takes place of an expensive monoblock.  When you purchase an expensive monoblock, if one side of the monoblock goes bad, you'll have to replace the whole expensive unit.  With this bracket, if your LNB goes bad, you can just replace that particular LNB.

Recommended to be used with our WS9036 90cm dish antenna.  Also work with most popular dishes on the market, including Azure Shine and Fortec Star.  Below are some 4-degree satellite combinations:

  • AMC 4 @ 101W & Galaxy 25 @ 97W (Spiritcast Christian Packages A & B)
  • Galaxy 26 @ 93W & Galaxy 25 @ 97W (Aghapy TV & Arabic Package, including Al-Karma on Galaxy 25)
  • Galaxy 28 @ 89W & Galaxy 26 @93W
  • Galaxy 26 @ 93W & Galaxy 25 @ 97W
  • Galaxy 3C @ 95W & AMC 4 @ 101W
  • Nimiq 2 @ 82W & Nimiq 1 @ 91W
  • Echostar 8/10 @ 110W & Echostar 7 @ 119W

Installation Instructions:

When installing any LNB bracket, you must keep in mind that the satellite signals cross over when you install the bracket.  Look at the diagram below:

Satellite clark belt arch for Galaxy 25 Galaxy 26 Galaxy 3C and AMC 4

When pointing your satellite dish to south, as you stand behind the dish, the LNB on the bracket will be opposite side of the location of the satellite.  For example, if you are standing behind the satellite dish and need to point your dish to Galaxy 25 & AMC 4, the main center LNB will be pointing to Galaxy 25 and the LNB on the left hand side sitting on the guide rail will be pointing to AMC 4.

  • Tip: Make sure to always lock in the signal on the LNB sitting on the side, guide rail first.  When you do this, the on on the main LNB will automatically come in. 

Another example, if you are standing behind the dish & want to get signal from Galaxy 26 & Galaxy 25, you would use the LNB on the left hand side for Galaxy 25 and the main LNB on the center of the dish you will use for Galaxy 26.  You would get the Galaxy 25 signal locked in first and Galaxy 25 should automatically pop in.

  • Tip:  If your signal does not come in, adjust the LNB clamp sitting on the guide rail.  If you are using the bracket for two satellites that are within 4-degrees of each other, make sure the two clamps are as close to each other as possible. 

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