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Welcome To Galaxy-Marketing.com

Welcome to our website.  We are glad you are here.  Please browse through our products and you'll find some excellent pricing.  In addition to our low prices, we also offer technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via our online forum at www.satellitestuff.net.  You can also call our tech line at 770-420-5308 to receive support for any of our products that you purchase from us.  Feel free to browse our online Tech Support section for commonly asked questions.


New Products & Announcements:

WS International ESX244 Quad Output C Band LNBF

Now you can use the all new WS International ESX244 Quad output LNBF to have your C band signal on as many TV as you'd like. The new ESX244 has 4 individually controlled outputs allowing you to watch channels broadcasting on Horizontal or Vertical transponders on individual receivers. Works with any receiver that can control LNBF polarizations with 13V for Vertical or 18V for Horizontal.  Additionally, this incredible new LNBF includes the famouse WS International dielectric plate to allow for circular C band receiption.  The LNBF includes a flat scalar ring and the hardware pack which includes all nuts and bolts to mount this LNBF to your C band satellite dish antenna!

Priced at $39.99 with a 2-year warranty.  Click here to see more info and see the specifications of this brand new LNBF.


ESX241 Single C Band LNBF +
WSI WSKU2C Conical Scalar Ring Kit
Buy Now

Excellent for your C band on a Ku dish project.  This package includes a WS International ESX241 single C band LNBF with a full 2-year warranty and a WS International conical scalar ring and 65mm LNBF holder.

ESX242 Dual C Band LNBF +
WSI WSKU2C Conical Scalar Ring Kit
Buy Now

Excellent for your C band on a Ku dish project.  This package includes a WS International ESX241 single C band LNBF with a full 2-year warranty and a WS International conical scalar ring and 65mm LNBF holder.

     Our complete fixed dish system allows you to watch programming from a single Ku band satellite.  Pickup free international TV channels from Iran, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria, Afghanistan, Jordan, Yemen, Morocco, China, Korea, Nigeria, and much more.  These systems are designed to pick up channels that are NOT scrambled or encrypted.  They work with any Ku band linear satellite.  Want to pick up multiple satellites?  Try our Motorized Systems Click Here for a master channel list.


     Our motorized satellite system allows you to watch programming from multiple Ku band satellites.  This system is designed to follow the satellite arc.  The motor is controlled via DiSEqC1.2 commands from the satellite receiver and automatically turns the motor to the particular satellite location where the channels is broadcasting from, when the channel is changed on the satellite receiver Click Here for our master channel list.


Digital C & Ku Receivers

     We carry different types of satellite receivers.  All of our satellite receivers include remote control, users manual and 2 AAA batteries. 

          Our Free To Air (FTA) satellite receivers are designed to work with any satellite, C or Ku and come pre-programmed with all the channels from Galaxy 25 Ku.

          Our Common Interface (CI) receivers are designed to accept any type of PCMCIA / CAM Module.  The receivers come with a full 1-year warranty.  All CI receivers are DiSEqC 1.2 Compatible and can operate a DiSEqC 1.2 HH motor mounts. 


C band & Ku band LNB

     We carry C and Ku band LNBF's.  In order to pick up Ku band, you must have a linear Ku LNB that is installed on a dish with a minimum of 30" in diameter (75cm) or larger.  We carry Linear and Circular Ku LNB's.  We also carry both Standard Ku and Universal Ku LNBF's.  We also carry C band LNB's.  C band LNB's must be installed on a dish that is at least 1.8m (6') or larger.  Our New CKU LNBF is designed to pick up both C and Ku band signals and pass it to the receiver using a single coaxial cable.  Check out our Universal CKU LNBF and our 4DTV Standard CKU LNBF


Satellite Dish Motor

     Our satellite motor is designed to use DiSEqC 1.2 or USALS commands from your FTA satellite receiver to move.  It consumes the same 13/18V power used by the LNB to power the motor so it's not necessary to run additional wires to power the motor.  The motor accounts for the Azimuth, Elevation, and polarization of your satellite dish.  If you want to be guaranteed superior signal, purchase the motor with our 90cm dish antenna.


FTA Ku Band Motorized Satellite Kits

     Our motorized Ku band satellite dish kits include a DiSEqC1.2 HH motor mount, along with an offset satellite dish, digital Ku band LNBF, and much more.  Go to this section if you want to get the most out of your FTA satellite receiver.


Satellite Dishes

     We carry 18" (45cm) DirecTV dishes, 30" (75cm) dishes, 36" (90cm) dishes, 1.2m/120cm dishes, and  1.8m/180cm dishes.  All of our dishes, except our 18" dish have a 40mm LNB holder and works with all the linear LNB's we sell.  Our special LNB bracket works with any dish on the market and can be chained to each other to pick up signals from multiple satellites.


     We also carry a variety of custom made packages.  Our packages are numbered and include satellite motors, satellite Ku LNB's, Antenna and Satellite Tripods, Signal Level Meters, and Much More....  Click


Installation Equipment

     We carry a vast variety of equipment to help you with the installation of your satellite system.  We carry the SF-95 signal finder, self installation kit, compass and clinometer combo, water seals, professional signal meters and more...


Package Deals

     These are satellite bundles.  We have put together six packages including motorized dish package, multiple satellite package and more.  Go to this section for great prices and unique packages.  If you have satellite receiver, put it to use. 



     We carry 2x1 and 4x1 DiSEqC switches, DiSEqC switches with weather covers, multi-switches, 3X4 switch, 4X4 switch, 3X8 switch, 6X8 switch, 4X8 switch, diplexers in-line amps, surge protectors, and 22KHz switches.


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